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11 Jul 2015

When visiting Virginia Beach you cannot pass up a trip to the Boardwalk in Virginia Beach. It is a 28 foot wide three mile stretch of walking path with a separated bike path. As you walk, stroll, rollerblade, or bike you can view a wide variety of stores, restaurants, and vendors. This isn’t to mention the views of the beach you get while proceeding down the walk.

Start your visit to the boardwalk by parking in one of the many parking lots or garages nearby. From there you can enter the beach and rent a bike or rollerblades, or if you choose you can just walk down the boardwalk. Plan a good amount of time to spend on the boardwalk as there are many attractions and you will probably want to stop to eat at least once.

A selection of statues and artwork span the boardwalk. Each one of the statues will make you want to stop to take pictures. One of the most memorable statues will be the tall statue of the Sea God Poseidon. He will tour over you and show you that the sea demands your respect.

For the kids there are parks and playgrounds dotting the trail for them to keep entertained on the long walk. To keep their tummies full there are snack and ice cream shops that will surprise them. The unique people and performers that you will see as you traverse the boardwalk will also keep them well entertained. There is no need for you to worry about them.

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk now features a QR tour where you walk the path and scan barcodes with your phone or tablet. At every station the barcode will provide you with information about the attractions. This allows you to learn the history and facts about the Virginia Beach Boardwalk on your own time.

The boardwalk is accessible to everyone whether they be able to walk or be handicap. Everyone, both locals and tourists, enjoys the boardwalk during the warm summer season. So many people have enjoyed the beach that it has ended up countless travel and leisure magazines. It is even one of America’s Best Beach Boardwalks. The mix of different attractions at the Virginia Beach Boardwalk makes it the perfect stop for the beach. For more info about “Marina in Virginia Beach” visit ours site


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